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Cement Board Siding?

Wed, Sep 27, 2017
One of the most common misconceptions about Everlast is that it's a type of cement board siding.  Cement siding has become a popular alternative over the past 15 years or so.  However Everlast is not cement board siding.  Everlast is actually made from a proprietery composite blend that doesn't include any cement or wood fiber.  Unfortunately it's extremely difficult to see the difference between the two products without handling them in person.  You might be wondering are their benefits to Everlast over cement board siding? Below are a few comparisons of both products.  You be the judge.

Everlast vs. Cement Board Siding

Everlast is lighter in weight : Cement Siding is extremely heavy

Everlast is not painted : Cement Siding is painted

Everlast is not brittle : Cement siding is brittle and prone to chipping

Everlast is impervious to water : Cement siding is prone to water damage


For a more detailed analysis of the differences between Everlast and Cement board siding download a free siding comparison.

Author: Peter Martino

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