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About Us

Everlast™ was developed, tested, refined, and improved over the past decade by a materials laboratory under one of the largest building products manufacturers in the world. It was subsequently installed and re-tested in some of the world's harshest climates to ensure superior performance before it was taken to market. Everlast was designed as an innovative solution to meet the growing demand for a top-quality, low-maintenance and long-lasting siding product. Everlast is part of a family of businesses, including Certainteed, Norandex, Sage Electrochromics, Blue Bell Technology, Western Mining and Minerals, Inc., Eurokera North America, and Meyer Decorative Surfaces.


Choosing the Right Siding Contractor

Everlast is a premium and unique siding product. For best results, we recommed that only a professional contractor with Everlast composite siding experience install the product on your home.

New England Installer - United Home Experts

In New England, United Home Experts is the most experienced installer of Everlast™ siding. United is a family-owned and professionally operated company that has specialized in composite siding and trim installations since 1998. United was chosen as a regional distributor of Everlast™ because the company offers:

  • Experience of more than 10 million feet of installed siding
  • An experienced team able to work on both residential and commercial properties
  • A lengthy portfolio of unique home and building improvement projects
  • A reputation for delivering an excellent customer experience
  • A commitment to staying on the cutting edge of new technologies

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