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Before And After

EverlastTM Composite Siding Before & After-Installed by United Home Experts

This home was built about 10 years ago with standard vinyl siding. The homeowners was looking to upgrade the appearance and value of the home by replacing their siding with Everlast™.
These homeowners were interested in getting rid of their tired looking vinyl siding, but didn't want a product that needed painting. We stripped the existing vinyl siding and to the homeowners surprise found a significant amount of rotted plywood.
We removed the existing two layers of siding. Installed new blown-in insulation and then wrapped the house in a Moisture Barrier. We installed new Everlast™ Composite Siding in the Seaside Gray color.
These homeowners in Portsmouth, RI were looking for a facelift from the old rotting and peeling cedar shingles they had on their home for so long. They wanted to keep the original look to the home, but with a splash of the future in it and naturally Everlast Composite Siding was an easy choice for them.
This home is only 10 years old and already needs to be resided. The homeowners wanted to increase the curb appeal by eliminating the flimsy looking vinyl siding. They also had issues with moisture getting behind the siding that they wanted resolved.
This one is for the homeowners of Arlington, MA. With many lovely homes in the town, this one absolutely takes the cake because of its uniqueness. I think other homeowners would agree with the transformation that happened with this local Arlington home.
These homeowners in Natick lamented that their house was the worst looking in the neighborhood. They were considering all options for new siding, but fell in love with Everlast™.
These homeowners were in search of a siding contractor in Lincoln, RI when they came across Everlast Composite Siding. They were dealing with severely peeling cedar shingles. Originally they were interested in sticking with cedar siding because they knew no other option, but once they were introduced to Everlast, they were convinced that Everlast was the right decision.
Looking for siding contractor in your town of Plainville, MA? We stripped the existing siding and replaced rotting wood, installed new house wrap and Chestut colored Everlast Composite Siding.
Natick, MA such a lovely town, filled with awesome people. Also filled with many homes in need of exterior renewal. We are siding contractors that provide great service and have completed many projects in the area.
So much to say about Framingham, MA. Its lively, hip, and will always keep you on your feet. Many homes in Framingham need a little tender, love and care and one of our many customers who reside in the town agreed.
Wayland, MA - A beautiful town that has so many things to do. If your a nature person, you can walk around the Sudbury River that flows through. If your a person who likes sightseeing, you can walk down their many trails or take a walk through the Cochituate Shopping Center. One of the most sought after services in Wayland are the services of a quality siding contractor.
There is so much history in Concord, MA, the town is filled is remarkable stories and transformation is only the norm. The history of new becomings is nothing new for this town. With many projects done in the surrounding area, this local Concord home has become one another one to write in the history books as it went through a complete transformation that not even Henry David Thoreau could have passed over.
Danvers, MA, home to many of our customers who decided to install Everlast Composite Siding. Those who are looking for quality siding contractors should look no more and see first hand the marvel that Everlast Composite Siding is. This colonial home went through a refreshing process of installing new siding. The home previously had old siding that had been painted over at least 4 times within the home's short life of 18 years.
Barre, MA such a peaceful and quiet town. With main attractions like the Barre Players Theatre and Russell's Fossil Museum, the town has a feeling of the way life should be. Many locals have also been looking for siding contractors in the area and some homeowners were able to find exactly what they were looking for in Everlast Composite siding.
In the lovely town of Pepperell, there are many beautiful homes with much history. Many of these homes, are in need of rejuvenation and renewal. This home was no different.
This being the second Arlington home on our favorite's list, it deserves to be recognized by local homeowners who are looking to replace the siding on their home. This local home in Arlington, MA had old ashy-gray cedar siding that was absolutely killing the curb appeal of the home and the homeowners had enough of it.
Brighton, MA, nice location right outside of Boston, where many Everlast Composite siding projects have been completed and this home is no exception to the list of beautiful homes done in Everlast. Many homeowners in Brighton wonder - what is the best siding for my home and how much will the siding cost? Well, Everlast Siding is less than a good amount of other siding options, while offering the best qualities of all of them together. Which is why these local homeowners decided to with the most rational and logical choice in Everlast Composite Siding.
In Weymouth, MA, local homeowners sought out a siding contractor that offered something no other contractors in the New England region could offer - Everlast Composite siding.
Newton, MA, a hotspot for college students and professors alike, has grown to be a central of the Boston metropolitan area also where many families and young couples build their lives. Many homes are ready for a siding upgrade and local siding contractors like ourselves that provide great, quality work are harder to come by. After lots of researching, these local homeowners made the call that would set them on the path of replacing the siding on their home.
Chelmsford, MA, a lovely town with rich history and lots to offer to its residents. Many homes are ready for new siding in the local area. Recently we had a wonderful couple who contacted us to replace their home's siding with Everlast Composite siding and the results were spectacular!
Here at Everlast, were proud to say that were a local siding contractor servicing in the Braintree, MA area. Many homeowners in New England have been falling in love with Everlast siding for its traditional styling and beautiful texture, along with its incredible durability. With many projects done within close proximity, here's one of our favorites that was recently completed this past summer.
If you have been following our project profile series, you'll notice that this is the second project in Danvers, MA! Its no surprise that we would add another project from Danvers; its only right seeming that it is home to many of our customers who installed Everlast Composite Siding.
This homeowner says they have "a thousand dollar house on a million dollar lot." They were looking to upgrade the appearance of their home to fit the neighborhood. Although it's a small home, the curb appeal of new siding is virtually priceless.
Palmer, MA - A beautiful town that has so many things to do within the surrounding area. One of the most sought after services in Palmer are those of a quality siding contractor. Many homeowners in Palmer are looking for their home siding to be replaced and here is a prime example of one of the projects we have done in the local area.
Natick, MA - One of the finest towns in all of Massachusetts, where many homeowners take pride in their home's exterior. Many homeowners are in the process of searching for the right siding contractor in Natick or one that services the local area. With many old homes in Natick; there is no wonder why many locals are ready for a home makeover.
Ashland, MA- A beautiful home in Ashland needed a small facelift by way of new siding. United Home Experts the certified installer of Everlast Composite Siding is also located in Ashland, so this job was a match made in heaven.Any homeowner looking for siding services in Ashland should be confident in their local contractor and the materials they use.
On this particular job, the UnitedHome Experts Everlast Composite Siding installation team was able to remove two layers of existing siding to help these homeowners love their home again.