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Everlast Trim Collection

Polymeric Trim For Your Home

Everlast Siding is compatible with any type of trim. It can be butted into existing trim, or accentuated with the wide variety of PVC and composite trim products on the market. But, when you want exact color match and the same benefits of Everlast's unique polymeric construction, choose your trim from the Everlast Trim Collection.

The Features & Benefits Behind Our Polymeric Trim

  • Low Maintenance- Just like the polymeric siding, the Everlast polymeric trim requires little to no upkeep, giving you back more of your time and money.
  • Resistant to New England Weather- Our polymeric trim can withstand the harshest of New England weather with super high wind and impact resistance.
  • Environmentally Safe- Just like you we value our environment and want to do what we can to preserve it. The material in Everlast polymeric trim is made from a natural polymeric and inorganic mineral composition.
  • Resistant to Fades in Color- The Everlast Trim Collection is protected by ColorHold fade technology for the best fade resistance.
  • Lifetime Performance Warranty- Everlast Trim products are covered by a Lifetime Performance Warranty with Lifetime Fade Protection.