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Insulation Properties of the Everlast Siding System

Wed, Sep 27, 2017

Radiant Insulation DemoHere are two virtually identical homes built only 25 yards apart.  There's only one key difference between the two.  The home on the left was built with the same siding insulation system now used with Everlast, while the home on the right was built with traditional house wrap.  Both homes have equal amounts of wall insulation.

On an 85° day, the interior walls look quite different through an infrared camera lense.

The walls with traditional house wrap show significantly higher temperatures and dramatic heat gain. The walls built using our system, all but stopped radiant heat transfer.

The opposite is true in winter. Radiant heat is reflected back to the heat source, keeping the house warmer. Homeowners with the Everlast siding system will experience energy savings in both hot and cold months.

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