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Everlast Radio Ad

Wed, Sep 27, 2017
Posted by Peter Martino Tags:
You may have recently heard our radio ad on WCRN, if not, here is a link to hear it!

Below is a transcript of the Everlast Composite Siding Radio Ad. Radio Ad Script

[Woman] Honey our house is peeling AGAIN. I am so tired of painting, WHAT are we going to do?

[Man] Actually, I heard an ad today for Everlast composite siding. It never needs painting, won’t rot and it’s NOT like that cheap vinyl. Here, Let me show you…(typing on keyboard) ChooseEverlast.com

[Woman] Wow, the Everlast siding looks great. Let’s give them a call.

[jingle] Don’t settle for vinyl, Everlast is final- ChooseEverlast.com ChooseEverlast.com