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Insulated Vinyl and Everlast Composite Siding Comparison

Wed, Sep 27, 2017
A homes siding serves as a protective barrier between the house and harsh New England weather.  It also prevents pests and moisture from penetrating and damaging the house.  Two popular siding choices include insulated vinyl siding and Everlast composite siding.  With a variety of aesthetic choices, homeowners can choose the siding that best complements their landscaping and protects their home.

Siding MaterialsInsulated Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is comprised of polyvinyl chloride or PVC.  Insulated siding includes a layer of rigid foam.  The foam serves as protective insulation against bad weather, pests, energy loss, and noise.

A mixture of granular stone and colored polymeric resin forms composite siding.  Sturdy and strong, it includes a lifetime warranty against damage from bad weather or flying debris.

Siding Appearance

Insulated siding provides any home with a wood-like appearance.  Properly installed by a professional, it lies flat and smooth on a house.  

Homeowners may paint the vinyl siding any color they wish, and trim options are nearly limitless, but with reprocussions.  The paint on vinyl does fade over time, however, and requires regular touch-ups in order to retain the color. As well, the paint weakens the vinyl and is prone to crack, warp and melt with heat.

Composite siding looks like clapboard because the of its woodgrain texture.  Homeowners install composite siding end to end like clapboard.  

With a variety of composite and non-composite trim choices, homeowners easily find matching and specialty trims that meet their aesthetic desires.  Homeowners appreciate a paint-free product with Everlast composite siding.  Made from layers of colored material, this siding choice includes a lifetime warranty against fading.

Siding Durability

Vinyl siding sizes range from 4 to 16 feet long and 6 to 21 inches wide.  Durable and sturdy, insulated siding fits the home with precision.  Lying flat against the home, the siding will not move, sag, or Pest Resistant Sidingbend. 

It must be installed correctly, however, in order to resist distortions caused by seasonal New England freeze and thaw cycles.  Incorrect installation or cheap vinyl will crack as it is exposed to harsh weather.  The product includes a 50-year warranty.

Composite siding is available in 4.5-inch and 7-inch exposures.  It will not rot because it contains no wood fibers.  The materials also do not attract termites, bugs, and other pests.

The composite sidings thick planks provide sturdy stability as they interlock and lay flat.  The resulting moisture barrier also protects the home from moisture, debris, and harsh weather.

Siding Maintenance

Easy to maintain, vinyl siding does not require annual painting, although the paint does fade over time.  Typically, homeowners inspect the siding annually to assess any damage and then rinse it off with three parts of water to one part bleach.  

Homeowners who choose Best Home Sidingcomposite siding enjoy a nearly maintenance-free product.  It does not need to be painted or otherwise repaired.  With an annual washing using a pressure washer and water, the siding retains its like-new appearance for life.

While both insulated siding and composite siding provide value to New England homeowners, Everlast composite siding offers homeowners more choices and greater reliability.  With a transferable lifetime warranty and guaranteed color stay, homeowners appreciate the value and appearance of this siding choice as they seek to protect their home with attractive siding.

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