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Everlast Composite Siding Project: How Long Will It Take?

Wed, Sep 27, 2017
There are several different factors that affect how long a siding installation project will take.  One of these factors is the type of house siding materials are going to be used.  This will determine the amount of preparation necessary before the siding can be installed.  Comparatively, Everlast Composite Siding is easier and takes less time to install than fiber cement.

Weather, the layout of the house, the complexity of the project, the amount of manpower available, and the expertise of the people doing the job will also tend to lengthen, or shorten, the time a siding job will take to completion.  In general, it may take anywhere from seven to ten days for an experienced contractor to finish a more or less typical New England home.

The Siding Material

In order for the siding materials Everlast Panelswarranty to remain valid, specific procedures need to be followed.  These can be found in the installation manual for that particular siding.  Manufacturers also certify siding contractors on their product.  This means that they deem the contractor as having sufficient expertise to install their product correctly.

Although vinyl siding may be installed by the house owner, there are many possible mistakes that may be committed that an experienced contractor can avoid.  Fiber cement, despite being more robust than vinyl, is heavier and requires more work in terms of wall preparation to protect it from moisture.  Everlast siding, however, is much easier to install.  It can also handle stresses better, so an experienced contractor can put it up in a shorter period of time.


Many siding contractors state that they can accomplish a siding project at any time of the year, even in winter.  If there is too much precipitation or moisture, however, siding material susceptible to such conditions need to dry out first before they can be installed.  Fiber cement is an example of this.  It may be made mostly of inorganic cement, but it contains a core of cellulose that is vulnerable to moisture.  Everlast Composite Siding, on the other hand, is not similarly vulnerable.

Although the siding chosen may be resistant to the weather, the house wrap and the wall it covers may not be.  Thus, contractors usually wait for good weather before starting this part of the project.  They then complete it before rain or similar precipitation can affect the work at hand.  Drizzle or fine mist is considered acceptable.  Of course, contractors enact measures to protect exposed portions of the house from the elements as long as the project is not yet complete.

House Layout And Project Complexity

Larger houses have more Siding Projectsexterior wall surfaces that need to be covered with siding.  The number of windows and the complexity of their design will also factor into the time spent installing siding.  Complex projects mean that a lot of cutting and measuring has to be done to ensure that everything fits together seamlessly.  Siding materials that produce toxic dust particles also make the project a little more difficult because of the precautions that need to be taken.  Fortunately, this is not a problem with Everlast siding.

The Contractors Expertise

The more people involved in a project, the faster it can be finished.  Siding contractors assign a sufficient number of people to finish a project within a week or two.  If the owner wishes, it can be done even faster with enough people, but that would involve additional costs.  When choosing which siding installation company to hire, it is important to determine whether they are certified by the manufacturer of the siding material to be installed.  Their track record will also give an idea of how well and how quickly they can accomplish a project.

OverallEverlast Installer

Everlast Composite Siding is one of the quickest sidings in the market to install.  More and more contractors are offering it as an excellent option to their clients because it is safer to use and its excellent durability will be an asset to their reputation.

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