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Best Siding in Massachusetts

Wed, Sep 27, 2017

Which is best faceEvery homeowner in Massachusetts comes to a place where they ask, "What is the best siding for Massachusetts?" or "What is the best siding to use on my Massachusetts home?"

We are a siding contractor in Massachusetts and have installed over 2,000,000 square feet of siding... That's right 2 MILLION square feet.

We get the questions above all the time. The list of follow-up questions below generally help homeowners narrow down their choices.

  1. How much painting and maintenance are you willing to deal with?
  2. Do you prefer a thicker more durable siding?
  3. Do you prefer a natural and realistic wood-grain texture?
  4. Is a long-term warranty important to you?

Although there is on such thing as a perfect siding product, our experience has been that Everlast is the best solution to all the questions above. We've presented Everlast to thousands of homeowners and the vast majority of them prefer the look, feel, and durability of Everlast over any other product they've seen. Ever product has some down-sides and with Everlast those are

  1. It is only available in clapboard, not shingles or shakes
  2. It has a higher initial installation cost than some products (but not others, and has a low lifetime cost)
  3. It is currently only available in 10 colors

Weighing out all these factors, Everlast is still a growing product of choice for many Massachusetts homeowners.

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