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Alternatives to Fiber Cement Siding

Tue, Oct 6, 2020

If you're considering new siding but want to stay away from Fiber cement siding, there are a few categories of alternatives. Below I'll list the main types of siding you could choose and then give some details of why we have found Everlast to be a better solution than all of them.

Siding Alternative #1 : Vinyl Siding

If you know about fiber cement siding than chances are you also know about vinyl siding and have already ruled it out. If not, here are the top frustrations people have with vinyl siding.

  1. It doesn't look authentic, like real wood clapboard
  2. It's thin, brittle and breaks easily
  3. It fades easily and it's generally not recommended to be painted
  4. It's dated. The technology hasn't changed much in 30 years

Siding Alternative #2 : Wood Siding

Wood siding, usually cedar, is still installed in many regions across the United States. Although beautiful at first, wood lap siding and shingles have problems of their own.

  1. High maintenance, need frequent painting or staining
  2. Prone to rot and deterioration
  3. Can warp and buckle in high sunlit areas
  4. Prone to damage from insects, woodpeckers, and other pests

Siding Alternative #3 : Wood Based Composites

There's a third class of siding--wood based composites, or "engineered siding". These products are similar to fiber cement, but without the cement. They're comprised of mostly sawdust, or wood chips and some type of resin or glue. They tend to be cheaper than real wood siding but have many of the same issues.

  1. High maintenance, still needs painting
  2. Prone to moisture absorption
  3. Prone to damage from insects, woodpeckers, and other pests

Everlast sidingWhy is Everlast a Better Solution?

Everlast is an awesome alternative to fiber cement siding and the 3 options listed above. Everlast is specifically engineered to overcome the downfalls of most siding products.

Paint-Free / Colored Through

Unlike fiber cement which is just painted cement and sawdust, Everlast™ is colored through and won't need painting unless you desire to change the color!

No Water Absorption or Pests

Fiber Cement and other wood based siding absorbs water which leads to rot and peeling paint. Everlast™, made from over 60% stone, has no wood fibers and won't rot--Guaranteed!

Thick Interlocking Planks

Everlast™ is 543% thicker than vinyl siding which is flimsy, brittle, and cracks easily.  Everlast's™ thick planks give it the appearance of real wood clapboard.

Realistic Woodgrain Texture

Made from impressions of real cedar siding, the beautifully embossed woodgrain texture is commonly mistaken for actual wood clapboard.

Author: Peter Martino

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