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Siding Massachusetts--One House At a Time

Wed, Sep 27, 2017

Siding MassachusettsOur goal is to replace all the wood and vinyl siding in Massachusetts. Don't get us wrong--we don't hate wood.  We just hate all of it's wood-like qualities.  If you took away the rotting, peeling, cracking, warping, swelling, wood-pecker damage, and ant and bee damage, then wood would be a perfect product.  But rather than try and reinvent wood, Norandex started from scratch.

If you're looking for siding in Massachusetts, Everlast offers you the perfect combination of aesthetic authenticity and ease of maintenance. 

For the Massachusetts climate, skip the siding that contains any wood

Don't settle for products that claim to be "non-wood," but still contain a whole lot of it (like fiber cement, hard board, or painted plywood with a fancy label).  No matter how you slice it, if a siding product contains any wood, then it WILL have problems in the Massachusetts climate--they all do.

Massachusetts homes deserve some love, so say no to vinyl

We have a saying around our office,  "Friends don't let friends buy vinyl!"  Your home deserves better.  Sure vinyl siding was great when it was invented 40 years ago, but since then it hasn't changed a bit.  Get a hold of some modern technology and choose Everlast for your Massachusetts siding.

Author: Peter Martino

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