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Alternatives to Cedar Clapboard Siding

Wed, Sep 27, 2017

Few homowners love the look and feel of standard vinyl siding, but they accept it as an alternative to painting or staining their existing cedar shingles or clapboard. The good news is there are other alternatives to cedar clapboard siding such as Everlast.

What do homeowners who have or prefer to have cedar siding like about it?

  1. The look of real wood clapboard
  2. The feel of real wood clapboard
  3. Low-luster finish
  4. Durability

What are undesirable aspects of cedar siding?

  1. Cedar Siding Rots
  2. The paint on cedar clapboard peels
  3. It's expensive to install
  4. It's expensive to maintain

Everlast composite siding is a great solution for homeowners who desire the look and feel of real wood without the downside.  It has all the desirable features of wood siding without the properties that drive homeowners crazy.  Take a look at this photo below. Although it's hard to tell without feeling it in person, doesn't this look much like real cedar clapboard?

Alternative to cedar siding

If you are looking to have siding installed you may request a free quote here.

Otherwise you may want to compare Everlast to other siding alternatives such as vinyl siding or fiber cement siding.

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