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Peeling Paint on Fiber Cement Siding

Wed, Sep 27, 2017

Many homeowners in search of new house siding come across information about fiber cement siding and it's inability to hold paint in certain circumstances.  Over the years fiber cement siding manufacturers have increased their recommendations for proper installation, and expanded their product installation manuals to try and reduce the amount of problems with peeling paint on fiber cement siding.  Some installation manuals are now over 150 pages long.  Photos of Peeling Fiber Cement Siding

peeling cement board siding
Peeling Fiber Cement Siding
 peeling cement siding
Peeling Cement Siding

Every house is different.  Are there any siding installers capable of following a 150 page installation manual on every single installation?  The fact remains that many homes with fiber cement siding both past and present are at risk or having peeling paint at some point in the future.  Given the excessive warranty limitations and need for installers to comply with a very lenghtly and stringent installation manual, it's difficult to imagine a homeowner having much recourse if their siding does peel.

 peeling fiber cement siding
Paint Problems with Fiber Cement
 peeling fiber cement board  sidin
Delaminating Fiber Cement Siding
 peeling fiber cement siding
Fiber Cement Siding Peeling Near Roof
 peeling fiber cement siding
Peeling Fiber Cement Under Windows

If you're interested in a siding product that is not painted and has no history of peeling paint or delamination issues. Consider Everlast.

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