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Painting Your Exterior Home's Siding

Wed, Sep 27, 2017

Homeowners want the freedom to paint the outside of their homes if they get tired of the current color or if it is fading. However, putting paint on siding can be difficult to do in the varied, unpredictable climate of New England. In fact, most painted siding simply cannot hold up over the years after the harsh winters and sometimes blistering summers of New England.

Still, homeowners throw caution against the wind and paint siding with varied results. There are some key facts to keep in mind when painting siding.Vinyl Warped

Painting Vinyl Siding

While painting over vinyl siding can be a sufficient short-term solution for a few years, this material will expand and contract with drastic temperature changes, which can lead to blistering and morphing of the paint. Vinyl siding also presents the issue of feeling chalky to the touch after a few years.


Painting Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber CementFiber cement siding is a stronger material than vinyl for painting, but it is also susceptible to rot, mold, and mildew as moisture builds up. Budget-wise, fiber cement is more expensive than vinyl siding, but cheaper than wood siding.

Painting Wood Siding

The pros of durable wood siding include a beautiful look, especially early on. However, wood siding requires lots of maintenence, and is usually the most expensive to install and maintain. Failure to maintain wood siding can lead to ugly stains and heavy damage.

Painting Everlast Siding

Everlast Siding Close UpMore homeowners in New England are now turning to Everlast's unique composite siding when shopping for their best siding options. Everlast provides a lifetime warranty on its durable, attractive siding you can paint, putting the power and freedom back in homeowners' hands.

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