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Budgeting for a Home Remodeling Using Composite Siding

Wed, Sep 27, 2017

Finished Composite Siding

Home improvement projects can run from a quick, inexpensive makeover to a complete home renovation.  Few remodeling projects can equal the improvement in appearance and value to the home as the installation of new siding.  The types of siding materials available to today’s siding remodeler are numerous and include wood, aluminum, vinyl, and composite sidings.  

The budgeted costs of a siding remodel must not only include the material and labor for the job but the lifetime maintenance required to keep the siding attractive and functional.  

Wood siding is charming, as is apparent when looking at older and historic homes.  Along with the charm comes the expense of maintenance, which is among the highest of all siding types.  Not only must it be repainted or re-stained every few years, but wood siding is also subject to damage from rot, insects, warping, and splitting.

The high maintenance costs of wood siding has given rise to the use of aluminum siding.  Aluminum siding does not fit the architectural period of older or historic homes, but it will do nicely for newly constructed homes.  It is a low-maintenance material and comes in a variety of colors and textures, including wood shake and shingle styles.  The initial cost of aluminum siding is moderate, but it has some drawbacks.  The pre-finished painted siding is prone to fade, chalk, and run.  It is easily dented and offers little in the way of soundproofing for the home.

Composite siding is the most evolved of the Everlast Contractorsiding materials.  It gives the home an aesthetic appearance while effectively protecting the interior of the home from water, debris, and inclement weather.  Composite siding can be made from a combination of many materials, including scrap wood.  These wood-inclusive mixtures are not as durable against insects, fire, or harsh weather events as those that do not contain wood products, however. 

Everlast composite siding is made of the latest of composite mixtures and does not include any cellulose or other wood by-products.  However, Everlast composite siding does offer an array of attractive wood-like textures as well as other textures and an array of colors that are not affected by damage from termites, other insects, or rot.  

Composite siding will generally cost a bit more than its earlier generation of vinyl siding initially, but it will outlast all siding materials, sometimes by decades.  A comprehensive home siding remodeling budget must take all of these materials into consideration.  The labor costs to install the products vary with the region in which the home is located rather than the cost of materials.

No homeowner interested in adding comfort, curb appeal, and value to his or her home should overlook Everlast composite siding for its attractive appearance, durability, low-maintenance requirements, and budget-friendly qualities.

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