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How to Change Colors With Composite Siding

Wed, Sep 27, 2017

Living in the rugged Northeast poses certain challenges for house siding.  It is difficult to find a siding that will last season after season, that looks good, and that changes colors quickly and easily. Extremes of heat and cold, wind, rain and snow make choosing a siding that will last and continue to look good year after year a definite challenge.Wood rot

While wood siding lasts well in some climates, the extremes of temperature in the Northeast can cause wood to expand, contract, crack, and deform, allowing water to seep behind the siding and do incalculable damage after just a few short seasons.

Vinyl siding, as thin as it is, can hold up well in certain areas of the country; but once again, the harsh conditions of the Northeast can be more than vinyl was designed for.  Vinyl can end up cracking, peeling, and fading after just two or three years.

The only siding that holds up well and continues to look new, year after harsh year is composite siding, especially the composite siding made by Everlast.

Composite siding colors are bright and vibrantEverlast Durability when the siding is new, and they remain just as bright and vibrant after years of rain, snow, heat, and extremes of cold.  That is because the colors are part of the makeup of the siding itself rather than being a thin coat placed on top of the siding.

While there is almost no end to the selection of factory-fresh Everlast composite siding colors, the truth of the matter is that styles change, tastes change, and sometimes a homeowner just gets tired of one color and wants a home to have a new color. 

With Everlast composite siding colors this isn't a problem.  Some siding is difficult to paint and requires extensive and oftentimes expensive preparation, but this is not true of Everlast composite.  Changing the color of Everlast composite siding by simply repainting is easily accomplished.  Everlast composite siding accepts paint with ease, making painting almost a joy.

Everlast composite comes in a wide range of textural styles, including many different wood-grain patterns that make this siding almost indistinguishable from real wood, as well as almost any color under the rainbow.  And because Everlast composite accepts paint so easily, changing the color of a home's siding is fast, simple, and economical.

Composite Siding close up

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