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Maintenance of Everlast Composite Siding

Wed, Sep 27, 2017

Siding is a critical element to the maintenance and appearance of a house as it protects it from rain, hail and wind; and due to its effect on appearance, it influences the value of one's property.  As such, careful consideration should be made when deciding on a siding material or product.

Everlast Composite Siding is recognized Everlast Siding Texturein the industry for having the best combination of durability, appearance and cost savings among sidings, and its low-maintenance requirement to keep one's home exterior looking new has made it especially appealing to homeowners across America, particularly in areas affected by extremes in weather, such as the Northeast.  

This siding is made of a unique formula of inorganic minerals and polymeric resins to give it unequaled resistance to hailstorms, hurricanes, snowstorms, rainstorms and other weather events that typically wear away or damage the homes siding.  In fact, Everlast is so confident in the product's ability to provide protection in the case of hailstorms that it offers a transferable Lifetime Performance Warranty. This warranty, among other things, covers damage in case of a hailstorm, which may not be covered in one's homeowner's insurance policy.  Such a transferable warranty protects the buyer of the property in case it is sold.  Due to the durability of the product it is able to withstand very high temperatures, thus offering extra protection in case of a fire.  It is also completely recyclable, which makes it completely safe for the environment.

The freedom from maintenance is another Paint free Sidingfactor that has made this siding highly popular. Due to the product's unique resistance to the elements, painting the siding is not required, though one may paint it if one so chooses.  If one wishes to paint the siding, it is recommended that a primer and exterior acrylic latex paint be used.  Because of the polymer used in the product, the siding holds its color with a lifetime warranty, though this warranty is voided if the siding is painted.  The only requirement to keep the siding looking new is to occasionally hose it with water when dirt or external particles accumulate.

With the durability and ease of maintenance from the product, the homeowner can expect extra cost savings and savings in time and labor due to not needing to paint the siding or replace it.  By contrast, in places of extreme climate conditions such as the Northeast wood siding may have to be painted every 4 to 5 years.  Because the product does not rot due to its unique composition, there is no need for caulking as with other products prone to rotting, though caulking is optional.  

The siding also has a more natural and aesthetic Everlast Sidinglook than other composite sidings, as it is installed end-to-end rather than overlapping.  It also looks like genuine cedar due to its embossed cedar grain texture, though unlike real wood does not absorb water and thus rot.  It also does not attract termites as wood sidings typically do, which can be costly to exterminate and to repair the damage caused by such pests.  It thus provides the appearance of real wood while offering greater long-term affordability and peace of mind.

Though the product is durable compared to competing products, it is important that it be installed properly.  Even the best product may not provide much benefit for the consumer if it is not applied properly.  Thus, it is generally recommended to have professionals install the product if one does not have experience doing so.  

With its combination of elegance, durability, cost and labor savings, Everlast Composite Siding has been widely lauded by many homeowners and professionals.  It is also backed by a generous warranty, which is a testament to Everlast's belief in the superiority of its product to competing siding for houses.

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