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What You Need to Know About Everlast Composite Siding [MUST KNOW DETAILS]

Posted by Emilio Bonilla on Mon, Jun 19, 2017

What You Need to Know About Everlast Composite Siding  

As the name might suggest, Everlast Composite Siding is meant to last for many, many decades. It comes with a host of benefits that generic siding simply can't offer. Find out more about what it's made from, how it looks, and why it might be the right choice for your home.

What Is Everlast Siding?

Everlast siding is a product that looks like wood, yet is actually a composite material. It's a quarter of an inch thick, so your home can handle harsh winter weather and strong winds (and anything those winds might kick up.) It's made from granular stone and polymeric resin, and is completely water resistant. Everlast evolved as the siding industry evolved, and homeowner's began to make more intense demands to protect their investments. Homeowners may have loved their wood or fiber cement siding at the time of the home's construction, but may not have loved how it responded to the elements over time.


What Are the Benefits of Everlast Siding?

Everlast composite siding means no rot or UV damage to the home. The seams don't overlap, so the look is very similar to that of real wood. It's available in different sizes and colors, so you can get the look you want without compromising on durability. Everlast also comes with limited Lifetime Fade Protection, so your home will be just as vibrant as the day you installed it, years from now. You'll also enjoy a warranty against hail damage, which is not normally covered by standard home insurance.

Everlast is one of the premier composite siding options here in the Northeast. Everlast composite siding does not dent; it is lightweight, easy to install, extremely cost-effective; and it is not subject to rot or insect damage. It is also guaranteed for 20 years or more.

When it comes to battling the elements here in the Northeast, composite siding wins the fight in a knockout. Having a winning one-two punch with United Home Experts, the leading siding installer of the Northeast, and Everlast Composite Siding together is one that has made many homeowners love their home once more.


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Is Painting Vinyl Siding a Good Idea?

Posted by Peter Martino on Tue, Aug 19, 2014
Ultimately we'll let you be the judge, but here are a few facts to consider. Anytime you change the color of a product it has the potential to absorb or reflect a different amount of heat than it previously did. That's because different colored and textured surfaces reflect and absorb heat differently. Do hard black pavement and fluffy green grass feel differently on your feet in the same sun light? They are both exposed to the same energy, but they are reacting to that energy very differently. The same is true of siding. Changing the color of your siding leaves the potential for changing how it reacts to the air temperature, the sunlight, and other energy. In addition to this important fact, vinyl siding has a very high rate of expansion and contraction. You'll notice in the photo below the visible overlap becomes far more prominent once the siding is painted.Painting-vinyl-siding

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Everlast Radio Ad

Posted by Peter Martino on Fri, Aug 09, 2013
You may have recently heard our radio ad on WCRN, if not, here is a link to hear it!

Below is a transcript of the Everlast Composite Siding Radio Ad. Radio Ad Script

[Woman] Honey our house is peeling AGAIN. I am so tired of painting, WHAT are we going to do?

[Man] Actually, I heard an ad today for Everlast composite siding. It never needs painting, won’t rot and it’s NOT like that cheap vinyl. Here, Let me show you…(typing on keyboard)

[Woman] Wow, the Everlast siding looks great. Let’s give them a call.

[jingle] Don’t settle for vinyl, Everlast is final-

Alternatives to Fiber Cement Siding

Posted by Peter Martino on Fri, Apr 12, 2013

If you're considering new siding but want to stay away from Fiber cement siding, there are a few categories of alternatives. Below I'll list the main types of siding you could choose and then give some details of why we have found Everlast to be a better solution than all of them.

Siding Alternative #1 : Vinyl Siding

If you know about fiber cement siding than chances are you also know about vinyl siding and have already ruled it out. If not, here are the top frustrations people have with vinyl siding.

  1. It doesn't look authentic, like real wood clapboard
  2. It's thin, brittle and breaks easily
  3. It fades easily and it's generally not recommended to be painted
  4. It's dated. The technology hasn't changed much in 30 years

Siding Alternative #2 : Wood Siding

Wood siding, usually cedar, is still installed in many regions across the United States. Although beautiful at first, wood lap siding and shingles have problems of their own.

  1. High maintenance, need frequent painting or staining
  2. Prone to rot and deterioration
  3. Can warp and buckle in high sunlit areas
  4. Prone to damage from insects, woodpeckers, and other pests

Siding Alternative #3 : Wood Based Composites

There's a third class of siding--wood based composites, or "engineered siding". These products are similar to fiber cement, but without the cement. THey're comprised of mostly sawdust, or wood chips and some type of resin or glue. They tend to be cheaper than real wood siding but have many of the same issues.

  1. High maintenance, still needs painting
  2. Prone to moisture absorption
  3. Prone to damage from insects, woodpeckers, and other pests

Everlast sidingWhy is Everlast a Better Solution?

Everlast is an awesome alternative to fiber cement siding and the 3 options listed above. Everlast is specifically engineered to overcome the downfalls of most siding products. How is Everlast better?:

Paint-Free / Colored Through

Unlike fiber cement which is just painted cement and sawdust, Everlast™ is colored through and won't need painting unless you desire to change the color!

No Water Absorption or Pests

Fiber Cement and other wood based siding absorbs water which leads to rot and peeling paint. Everlast™, made from over 60% stone, has no wood fibers and won't rot--Guaranteed!

Thick Interlocking Planks

Everlast™ is 543% thicker than vinyl siding which is flimsy, brittle, and cracks easily.  Everlast's™ thick planks give it the appearance of real wood clapboard.

Realistic Woodgrain Texture

Made from impressions of real cedar siding, the beautifully embossed woodgrain texture is commonly mistaken for actual wood clapboard.

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Engineered Siding

Posted by Peter Martino on Fri, Mar 29, 2013

describe the imageWhat is Engineered Siding? Usually engineered siding is defined as siding made from some type of glue or resin and scrap material, mostly wood or the bi-products of milling wood such as sawdust or wood chips. Although that’s a pretty widely accepted definition in the siding industry, most homeowners looking for an engineered siding are simply looking for something that will give them the look and feel of real wood without the maintenance of real wood. To learn more about Everlast Composite Siding, download our free comparison here.

Who Makes Engineered Siding?

Dozens of versions of engineered siding have been released by various companies and under various brand names over the past 40 years or so. You might recognize such names as Masonite siding, Georgia Pacific, Louisiana-Pacific Siding, OSB Siding, etc.

Is Engineered Siding Long-Lasting?

According to, Engineered wood siding “proved popular with builders, but defects became commonplace, especially in the hot, humid climate of the Southeastern U.S. or the extremely wet climate of the Pacific Northwest.”  Generally speaking engineered wood siding does not have a long-standing reputation as being the most reliable product.

What Are Other Alternatives?

If your goal is to find a siding product that looks like real wood but doesn’t require as much maintenance and holds up well in all environments, Everlast Composite Siding may be an excellent choice. If you live in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Southern New Hampshire, or Northern Connecticut you may request an estimate here.

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Synthetic Siding

Posted by Peter Martino on Fri, Mar 29, 2013

synthetic siding guideYou’re searching for synthetic siding for a reason and it’s probably because you’re sick of painting and the maintenance that comes with wood shingles or lap siding, or at least you're sick of the idea of it.

There are pros and cons to anything synthetic, and for decades the same has been true for siding. The benefits, at least in theory, of synthetic siding are that it’s low-maintenance, doesn’t require painting, and it is durable, again—in theory.  The cons, at least in perception are that synthetic siding is unattractive, untraditional, and fake-looking. For decades this was a pretty accurate assessment of your siding options as a homeowner. You could get a lower maintenance product, but in return you’d have to sacrifice the curb appeal and attractiveness of your house. For a long time no siding option existed that actually looked like real wood but didn’t carry the burden and expense of tedious maintenance.

Everlast Composite Siding was engineered to deliver all the pros of what any homeowner desires in siding, without all of the cons as stated above. The beauty and success of Everlast composite siding lies in the fact that it looks very much like real wood clapboard (lap siding), but performs much more like a synthetic product—meaning it’s durable, long-lasting, and doesn’t require painting. Not convinced? Download our free comparison guide to see more details of how Everlast matches up against other commonly used siding products. Download it here.

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Siding Contractors in Natick, MA 01760

Posted by Emilio Bonilla on Wed, Mar 20, 2013

Natick, MA - One of the finest towns in all of Massachusetts, where many homeowners take pride in their home's exterior. Many homeowners are in the process of searching for the right siding contractor in Natick or one that services the local area. With many old homes in Natick; there is no wonder why many locals are ready for a home makeover.

Siding Contractor in Natick, MA 01760 Siding Contractor in Natick, MA 01760

One our personal favorite projects was done in Natick by a lovely family who were tired of painting their old cedar wood siding that became very costly over time. So this family decided that a long-term, low maintenance upgrade was needed for their home and that is when they stumbled upon Everlast Composite siding.

Immediately, the homeowners knew that Everlast was the best option for their home and decided to reside their homewith the 7-inch Seaside Gray Everlast clapboard. Great choice. From beginning to the end of the project we removed all the existing siding, wrapped the home in Everwrap moisture barrier, and finished the siding with stainless steel, ringshanked nails. As add-ons we also replaced the window and door flashing with anodized aluminum flashing, and finished the trim off in white PVC. The house speaks for itself and simply pictures do not justify how well this home transformed from an ordinary, shabby looking home to an absolute extravagant place to live.

Siding Contractors in Natick, MA 01760
 Siding Contractors in Natick, MA 01760
 Siding Contractors in Natick, MA 01760

For more information about siding contractors in Natick, visit United Home for other exterior home improvement services.


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Best Siding in Massachusetts

Posted by Peter Martino on Tue, Mar 05, 2013

Which is best faceEvery homeowner in Massachusetts comes to a place where they ask, "What is the best siding for Massachusetts?" or "What is the best siding to use on my Massachusetts home?"

We are a siding contractor in Massachusetts and have installed over 2,000,000 square feet of siding... That's right 2 MILLION square feet.

We get the questions above all the time. The list of follow-up questions below generally help homeowners narrow down their choices.

  1. How much painting and maintenance are you willing to deal with?
  2. Do you prefer a thicker more durable siding?
  3. Do you prefer a natural and realistic wood-grain texture?
  4. Is a long-term warranty important to you?

Although there is on such thing as a perfect siding product, our experience has been that Everlast is the best solution to all the questions above. We've presented Everlast to thousands of homeowners and the vast majority of them prefer the look, feel, and durability of Everlast over any other product they've seen. Ever product has some down-sides and with Everlast those are

  1. It is only available in clapboard, not shingles or shakes
  2. It has a higher initial installation cost than some products (but not others, and has a low lifetime cost)
  3. It is currently only available in 10 colors

Weighing out all these factors, Everlast is still a growing product of choice for many Massachusetts homeowners.

Get pricing for your home here

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Siding Contractors in Palmer, MA

Posted by Emilio Bonilla on Mon, Dec 03, 2012

Palmer, MA - A beautiful town that has so many things to do within the surrounding area. One of the most sought after services in Palmer are those of a quality siding contractor.

Many homeowners in Palmer are looking for their home siding to be replaced and here is a prime example of one of the projects we have done in the local area.

Siding Contractors Palmer MA Palmer siding Contractor

These homeowners previously had old and flimsy vinyl siding that would easily tear off with a strong windstorm. They explored all siding options, including new vinyl siding and fiber cement siding, but ultimately chose Everlast Composite Siding for its incredibly low maintenance and durability.

The color chosen for this project was Spanish Moss and the size of the clapboard was 7-inches. The entire home went through a complete and thorough inspection for any potential rot and new Everwrap mositure barrier was installed. All of the trim was replaced with 6" Super Corner boards and the window frames were replaced with white PVC trim.

The end result was spectacular and the homeowners could not have been more excited for the new and revamped look of their home. These Palmer, MA residents get compliments all the time from their neighbors that love the appeal of the home.Siding Contractors in Palmer MA

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Siding Contractors in Wayland, MA

Posted by Emilio Bonilla on Wed, Nov 07, 2012

Wayland, MA - A beautiful town that has so many things to do. If you're a nature person, you can walk around the Sudbury River that flows through. If your a person who likes sightseeing, you can walk down their many trails or take a walk through the Cochituate Shopping Center. One of the most sought after services in Wayland are the services of a quality siding contractor.

The home below is a local Wayland home that went under a great transformation.

Wayland Siding Contractors

Wayland Siding Contractor

The homeowners were growing weary of the rotting Masonite siding that plagued their beautiful home, but decided to take this problem by the horns. They began researching for new siding and came across Everlast Composite siding as an alternative to fiber cement siding. After meeting with one of our team members, the couple fell in love with the product and quickly moved to set up the project for this past summer.

They chose the 4.5-inch Antique Ivory clapboard and added Low-E insulation on their entire house. Everwrap was used as a moisture barrier and everything was held down with stainless steel, ringshanked nails. We also painted their window and door frames and soffits. It was a perfect finish to a transformation on a home that badly needed a siding replacement. The homeowners loved the new look of their home with Everlast Composite siding and now their home is the eye candy of their neighborhood.

Everlast Composite Siding
Wayland Siding Contractors


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