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Fiber Cement and Natural Wood Siding vs. Everlast Composite Siding

Wed, Sep 27, 2017

There are so many decisions to make when in the market for a new home, and nearly just as many decisions when renovating or remodeling an existing home.  From flooring and lighting fixtures to cabinets and appliances, the inside of a home is often pored over down to the finest detail.  Homeowners should spend just as much time on the outside of their home as well. 

Siding, in particular, should be a major focus point for homeowners, whether they are in the market to build a home or looking to replace the siding on an existing house.  Fiber cement siding is a popular choice as an alternative to wood siding.  Homeowners looking for siding with a painted surface that doesn't require as much maintenance as actually having to care for wood siding often choose fiber cement siding.  However, Everlast composite siding might be an even better choice, especially in terms of upkeep.

Fiber Cement

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement siding can lead to moisture problems depending on where it is used on the home because of the wood particles it contains.  This type of siding is not totally water repellant and is known to peel if it is used in high moisture areas like decks, walkways, or against roofs.  Everlast composite siding is made completely from polymeric resin and granular stone.  There are no wood particles used in this brand of composite siding, so the homeowner is free from worry in regard to the siding being prone to peeling or any other moisture problems.


Natural Wood

Wood peeling paint

Natural wood siding will need regular upkeep and maintenance in order to keep it looking fresh.  Painting or staining the siding will need to be done regularly every 4 to 6 years depending on the climate.  Long, harsh winters create the potential for painting to be done even more often.  Natural wood can be a breeding ground for pests as well, so regular control will need to be employed to keep the wood free from ants, termites, bees, and even woodpeckers. Fiber cement and composite siding are lower in maintenance.  Fiber cement needs to be painted every 8 to 15 years, while Everlast composite siding will never require painting.


A better option

If maintenance on the siding of a home is not desired, homeowners should lean towards Everlast for worry-free composite siding.  This siding lends great curb appeal to any style of home.  Older homes can get that much needed facelift as well without the burden of regular upkeep.

Home with Misty Taupe Everlast Siding:

Everlast Composite
 Author: Emilio Bonilla

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