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Benefits of Vinyl and Composite Siding

Wed, Sep 27, 2017

There are so many different choices of siding to use on homes these days that the possibilities can be overwhelming.  Not only do homeowners need to decide upon a color choice, they also must choose the medium of the siding. Brick, different types of wood, vinyl, composite, and fiber cement are some of the choices, with each offering a wide variety of styles and colors.  Vinyl and composite siding are currently two of the more popular choices in the Northeast.  Both vinyl and composite siding have a wealth of benefits that can make it difficult to choose between the two.

Characteristics of Vinyl Siding  

Vinyl is available in a huge assortment of colors thatMelted Vinyl Siding complement any style of home.  It is lower maintenance than wood, as it does not need to be painted ever.  Vinyl can fade over time though, so some of the more vibrant or dark colors may lose their vividness over time.  Some brands of vinyl siding come in pieces larger than 25 feet; so if a homeowner is installing the siding on their own, it may prove to be difficult with such large pieces.  Vinyl is not indestructible, and stones kicked back from lawnmowers can cause dents and holes in the siding.

Characteristics of Composite Siding

Composite siding has many positive attributes.  Available in a wide variety of colors, this type of siding will give any home beautiful curb appeal. The Everlast composite siding brand does not require painting ever, which is a huge benefit if a homeowner is looking for a virtually maintenance free siding.  Fading is not a problem, even in harsh climates. There are also no moisture problems with Everlast Composite siding, as there are no wood particles used, only polymeric resin and granular stone.  No peeling will occur even if the siding is used in high moisture areas such as those against walkways and roofs.  This brand of siding is also repellent against pests like ants, termites, and bees.  Lastly, Everlast Composite siding can be easily installed.

Owning a home is a huge investment, and the outside of the home is often what first catches people’s attention.  All homeowners want their home to be appealing on the outside as well as in the inside.  When choosing which type of siding for a home, one should look at the benefits of each type before making any decisions, including how the product they choose will withstand through the years.

Composite Siding

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