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Maintenance Time: Comparison Between Vinyl, Wood and Everlast Composite Siding

Wed, Sep 27, 2017
The overall cost of a home’s exterior siding is increased by the cost of maintenance.  Of the three main types, wood siding maintenance is the most time-consuming and involved.  Vinyl siding maintenance and Everlast composite siding maintenance are significantly less tedious and less time-consuming.Pest Control Siding

Wood Siding

Wood siding is beautiful but requires a significant amount of time to maintain.  First off, this type of siding needs to be inspected more often than the other two.  The wood should be treated and the outer coating of paint, or wood stain, redone every few years depending on the severity of the weather conditions in the area.

The shrubbery surrounding one’s home needs to be kept away from the siding.  It is easily scratched or chipped.  When this type of damage reaches a certain point, the siding needs to be replaced.  Every year, the wood sidings should be checked for stains and discoloration.  These should then be cleaned using a soft brush and warm soapy water.  The color can then be restored by applying a brightener or wood cleaner.

It is susceptible to moisture damage and pests.  This means that cracks and wood rot not only degrade the siding but attract various pests which degrade it further.  Damaged or rotted siding should be replaced, holes patched, and the whole area checked for infestation on a regular basis.

Vinyl Siding

Compared to wood siding, vinyl Vinyl Sidingmaintenance is considerably lower.  Unlike wood, vinyl does not fade, rot or attract pests.  Washing vinyl siding with a mild detergent and hosing it down with a high-pressure hose will restore the color to its original brightness.  Repainting is rarely needed.

This siding can crack or puncture though.  So, like wood siding, shrubbery in the vicinity of the siding should be kept trim.  This will prevent the plants from marring the siding material.  The siding might also warp in extreme heat or become brittle during extreme cold.

Everlast Composite Siding

Among these three, Everlast HomeEverlast composite siding maintenance is the least time-consuming and the least tedious.  Due to its composition, it is better at withstanding weather extremes.  It does not need caulking like wood or wood-vinyl composites to prevent rotting.  It has excellent impact resistance so it can easily keep its integrity even when subjected to hail.

The only real maintenance needed is cleaning by washing it down with water if dirt or other substances appear on the siding.  This will keep its color as bright as when it was originally installed.  This means that Everlast composite siding maintenance saves the homeowner a significant amount of time, expense and effort compared to wood or even vinyl siding maintenance.

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