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Tue, Oct 3, 2017

Homeowners who don’t pay attention to their siding (or who make their choice based solely on appearance) may end up regretting their choice rather quickly. Over time, the wrong siding can make homes look worn down or neglected, and this is especially true for those who live in a harsh climate. See how Everlast Composite Siding stacks up against Vinyl Siding before you make your next home improvement plans.

1.) Durability

Composite siding can stand up to the cold weather. Everlast composite siding is as strong as metal, so it can handle the high-speed winds and bitter snows. Vinyl has a tendency to crack when it’s up against the more brutal elements. Everlast composite siding is built to ward off everything from debris to common bumps and scrapes to your home.

2.) Protection

Vinyl siding isn’t well known for its insulation properties. Those who choose vinyl typically have to add an insulation layer around their whole home to keep their utility bills from skyrocketing. Composite, on the other hand, is excellent at keeping warm air in during the winter and cold air out during the summer, and it doesn’t require any extra effort to get the job done.

3.) Stability

Vinyl can start to expand in warmer temperatures and contract in the winter cold, which can interfere with the stability of the house. While the damage won’t usually be immediately apparent, you will start to notice it in the different seasons. Everlast siding because of it's density and it's construction from crushed stone and resin, you don't have to worry about the stability of your home is safe.

4.) Aesthetics

Most people choose vinyl because it comes in a variety of colors. However, Everlast composite offers the same aesthetic options as vinyl does so you get the exact color you want, but with an almost identical resemblance to wood. It’s as warm and inviting as wood, without succumbing to rot and decay.

5.) Upkeep

Normal siding requires the homeowner to put on a few coats of paint once every few years to ensure their home maintains its curb appeal. Because Everlast composite siding is colored through completely, there’s less maintenance on the part of the owner. When it becomes time for you to make the decision in outfitting your house with a long-term, low maintenance and beautiful siding options; United Home Experts, the local New England installer, will be glad to assist you in creating a home you’ll love to coming back to every day. To schedule your free, no hassle estimate with United, please call them at 877-262-8807, or click here to contact their office and they’ll call you to schedule an free, no pressure estimate at your convenience. 

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